Grape Seed


Grape seed

Grape seed is the seed, or seeds, from grapes. Also known as Vitis vinifera, grape seed is a rich source of oligometric proanthrocyanidins (OPCs), which protect the skin from free radicals that damage skin cells and collagen (the protein that serves as the connective tissue responsible for supporting our skin). Most commonly, these free radicals result from pollution, smoke and UV rays.

Some research suggests grape seed extract facilitates wound healing. An Ohio State University study found that when applied topically, grape seed extract helped heal wounds faster with less scarring by building epidermal and connective tissue. The study also showed that the tissue grew back denser, thereby strengthening its structure.

Properties: Because crushed grape seeds make great exfoliators, grape seed extract is typically found in foaming cleansers and body scrubs. Grape seed oil is also easy to formulate with common emulsifiers, because it’s pale, essentially odor-free and produces a non-oily feel. As a free radical fighter, protecting the skin from environmental damage over time, grape seed extract is also found in many anti-wrinkle treatments.

Benefits: Because our skin is constantly enduring environmental aggressors that break down collagen and damage skin cells, antioxidants are imperative in maintaining a healthy complexion. Not to mention, free radicals are the major contributors to the formation of cancerous cells. By applying a topical skincare product containing antioxidants like grape seed, you can boost your defenses against these threats. As a result, you can expect smoother, more radiant, healthier skin.

Used in:

  • Face Creams
  • Scrubs
  • Healing creams and ointments
  • Body cream
  • Massage candles

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