Icelandic volcanic rock


These sand particles can actually float, there are a great number of small gas bubbles from chunks of cooled lava can float.  Pumice is the name of the most common volcanic rock that floats. We use various % grains for various procedures.


Particularly the naturally occurring species Zeolite, heulandite, clinoptilolite and chabazite. These applications include de toxicants and    de contaminants, they  have been shown to remove heavy metals, toxins and other compounds from the body, balance the body’s pH levels; and support a healthy immune system.


Pumice results from volcanic activity and is used in Natural Skin Care Products as an exfoliant. Pumice powder is obtained by finely milling Pumice stone to produce a mildly abrasive powder. Pumice stone results from volcanic activity which forms an aerated, almost frothy substance which ‘floats’ on certain types of lava.


“Pumice stones” are often used in beauty salons during the pedicure process to remove dry and excess skin from the bottom of the foot Finely ground pumice powder is added to some beauty products, and are ground very fine that it does not harm the skin, it actually helps and assists the skin.


Pumice has many cosmetic applications and is probably best known in its rock form where it is used to smooth rough skin on the feet, knees and elbows.


The volcanic sand and pumice powder used in Purete’s body polish and body scrub is very fine and will not injure the skin.