Manicure & Pedicure

mani_pediMani Pedi Range

A manicure is all about achieving healthy & beautiful hands. purete’s Unique Herbal formula Sec Care Cream prevents and cures cuts, cracked heel and chilblain on feet, and a cream for achieving beautiful hands. Herbal cream promotes tissue repair and healing, helps to provide smooth and soft skin and penetrates deeply for effective and faster results.

It is highly effective as Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bac.

purete’s mani and pedi treatments it comes in various textures and fragrances, we have salt, sugar, nut exfoliating scrubs, creams & gels.

P- Sec Cooling Balm

P- Sec Antibacterial Balm

P – Sec Heel Balm

P- Sec Heel Balm Small

M&P – Sec Exfoliator with apricot kernels & Pumice

M&P- Sec Foot Massage with Peppermint

M&P – Sec Foot Soft Lotion

M&P fruity Scrub

M&P fruity Lotion