luxury_body_blend3Body Polisher

African Savannah Range Body by desert sand

Our desert sand works effectively in exfoliating the body to reduce build up of dead dry surface skin cells that leaves the skin looking old and dry, African Savannah Range polisher will leave your skin purified and glowing. Increasing the Blood circulation to stimulate the skin regenerative process for new cells, your skin starts the anti ageing process once all dead skin has been removed. It is nature’s way of helping us renew ourselves to promote a healthy skin.

African Savannah Range Salt pans

Gathered from natural mineral rich salt pans of the namib desert contains essential minerals, including sulphur, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, selenium and manganese. The minerals are found in balanced proportions for efficient absorption by the body. The salt mirrors the mineral content of our bodies so is a great way to restore the mineral balance, and instilled with natural earth roots and plants that contain aromatic oils which sooth, invigorate and detoxify as well as calm the epidermis layer of the human skin.

African Savannah Range Oils

Fyn Bos……

Fantastic anti-oxidants, are useful in detox therapies and are also an excellent antidote to stress and pollution the fynbos plant has the most beautiful flowers, Fynbos was discovered by the Khoisan people and was used for various purposes including as a natural insect repellent and odour neutralizer, but the extracts are known to relax and soothe the mind. The plant’s gentle medicinal properties are used in relieving fevers, pains and also for soothing dry, lifeless skin.

Rooi Bos……

Regular use of this product paces p the detoxification process of your body to revitalise your skin and enhance a natural glow, it is an excellent sun burn remedy, nourishes cracked or dry skin has anti-inflammatory properties and assists with general skin aliments.


Buchu oil is excellent for massaging as it has a very natural glide, detoxifying properties & has the ability to calm sore aches and pains, and is used as a natural sun screening agent. Buchu uplifts and promotes thought focusing properties; uses have extended into treatment of water retention weight loss and cellulite.


The Baobab tree must be one of the most intriguing trees growing on the African continent – and is often referred to as the “upside-down” tree, Baobab oil does far more than just moisturize the skin and this rich, golden oil also helps to improve skin elasticity, encourages regeneration of skin cells and does not clog the pores.