Terms & Conditions


  1. Only orders confirmed by email will be processed. No SMS or TELEPHONIC orders will be accepted.
  2. Description of product, quantity, size & fragrance must be clearly specified when placing your order.
  3. We do not keep any stock on hand.
  4. Please make sure that the items and quantities are correct on the Invoice/Quote received from us.
  5. Once the sample has been approved by you, the client, no returns on products ordered will be accepted.
  6. We will provide only 5 samples complimentary, thereafter should you need more samples they will be charged accordingly.
  7. Minimum Quantity is 10 units per product per fragrance.
  8. More than 2 fragrance blends will be charged accordingly.
  9. Private labelling can take between 5 – 7 working days to design and confirm sticker proofs dependent on the client


  1. Please plan orders well in advance for you to get on time.
  2. It is not always possible to get urgent orders processed as we have a line-up of products that need to be manufactured.
  3. 20% of our products are handmade and Hand poured. 80% is semi-Automated.
  4. We do not keep stock on hand and everything is made from raw materials.
  5. Unexpected Manufacturing setbacks can have an influence on production timing i.e. Load Shedding, Availability of raw materials, Delivery schedules from suppliers, Acts beyond our control, Public Holidays.
  6. Since we are a manufacturing concern, start-up of machinery over public holidays will also impact delivery time as we do not start & Stop machines within a day or two of each other.
  7. We strive to keep to our normal lead times but the above-mentioned factors must be kept in mind when you place your order. PLEASE PLACE ORDERS IN ADVANCE KEEPING THESE FACTORS IN MIND.
    • Professional product Lead time 7 – 10 Working Days
    • Retails Product Lead Time 10 – 15 Working Days
    • Private Labelling takes 5 – 7 working days


  1. All our products are manufactured by proven formulations and are not subject to change.
  2. All products should be stored in a cool, dry and chemical free area
  3. We only use cosmetic grade fragrances. Please take note that some fragrances do change the colour of the product.
  4. Some products do contain Organic Materials and can therefore change the colour & texture of products
  5. Our Products contain Natural Minerals which can cause staining, due to the natural mineral element, we how ever do not take responsibility of damage or Loss.
  6. We do not take responsibility of any skin damage i.e Sunburn that occurs after Massages and tanning.
  7. We only use high grade quality products.
  8. Products supplied in bulk – we cannot be held accountable for how these products are handled nor decanted.


  1. Spa Brands reserves the right to cancel any contract or business relationship if deemed unethical.
  2. Orders that are placed cannot be cancelled or changed after 48 Hours from payment or placing of the order.
  3. If orders are changed or cancelled before the 48h cut off, 50% of the invoice/Quote will be charged
  4. Once products have been received , by Client, there is a 3 working day grace period for any reasonable concerns to be addressed and will thereafter be assessed.


  1. Prices may change without notice due to availability / cost of raw materials.
  2. Spa Brands will send a Quote/Invoice as per request. The client needs to make sure that it is the correct products and fragrances on the Quote/Invoice as requested. Followed by a 70% Deposit for manufacturing to start.
  3. We can only deliver all the products as ordered once we receive full payment and it reflects in our bank Account.
  4. Spa Brands does not offer any credit facilities. All orders need to be paid in full before delivery can take place.

Please feel free to contact us for any additional information. 086 111 2580

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